The Premium Art Mentoring Program

Have you been feeling stuck and stagnant as an artist? Do you have artistic goals that you feel you are not meeting and don’t know how to achieve? The Art Mentoring Program is designed to help artists achieve both their technical goals as well as their artistic career goals through video and audio lessons as well as handouts and group critiques.

This online learning system is for artists of all levels.  You can take it at your own pace. You gain access to all the current video lessons as soon as you sign up, and you can cancel at any time. New videos are being added each month and you can request topics for future videos.

Through assignments I will help you to clarify your goals and support you by identifying key actions necessary to achieve them. There are two mentoring options available.

During this powerful program you will:

  • Learn from the comfort of your home or studio according to your own schedule
  • Understand how to achieve a likeness in a portrait
  • Discover the secrets for mixing captivating, vibrant colors
  • Learn how to price and sell your work
  • Create compelling compositions
  • Find your artistic voice
  • Gain practical tools for working through artist’s block
  • Establish a strong web and social media presence
  • Learn tips and tricks for applying to grants and residencies
  • Discover the steps for applying to galleries
  • Find out how to finalize commissions
  • Choose between multiple enrollment options for more flexibility

  The Essential Art Mentoring Program

•  Full access to all mentorship videos, audio recordings and PDF handouts
•  Monthly video critiques Q&A webinars where you will receive personalized critiques on the technical aspects of your paintings as well as answers to any questions
•  Lessons alternate between painting techniques and professional practice classes and you can watch them in any order
•  New videos are being added each month and you can request classes on specific topics for future videos

•  Receive a steady flow of inspiration to keep you growing towards to technical and artistic career goals
• +Bonus access to Private Facebook Group for community, support and accountability

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The Premium Art Mentoring Program
All the benefits of the basic mentoring program plus:

  Monthly 30-minute session of one-on-one coaching via Skype or phone
•  Personally tailored support to address your specific goals and needs
•  We will begin with an initial 30-minute phone meeting where we will discuss your goals for the mentorship
•  You will receive personalized critiques on the technical aspects of your paintings as well as guidance on your professional goals
* Please note* space in this program is limited

I am so impressed by how much my mentees this year have accomplished!  It is both inspiring and rewarding. Let’s work together to make your artistic dreams come true!

Get started by applying today!  Register today and start your road to a successful art career!

Now $199.00 per month


“Within the first month of beginning the online mentor program with Kristy, myself and others noticed my technical and professional skills grow exponentially.  It is a tremendous benefit having the support and learning how to navigate the art world from a talented successful artist. I look forward to the group calls each month and love conversing with and supporting the other artists that are in the group. Not only is it affordable, but I am learning the same techniques that I would in art school, in the comfort and freedom of my own studio. Kristy is so kind and personable, I feel like she is a true loving friend as well as my mentor. I would recommend this program to any artist at any phase in their career that is looking to move into the next greater and grander stage of their artistic vocation!” -Julia Jenkins

“I highly recommend Kristy Gordon’s mentorship program.  It’s one of the best things I have done for myself as an artist.  Her knowledge, warm encouragement and expert critiques are extremely valuable.  And, her mastermind groups are absolutely genius!  They provide a strong network of emotional and technical support as we strive for mastery in our chosen profession.” -Diane Wilde

“Kristy’s Mentorship Program far exceeded my expectations. Her critiques of my paintings helped me improve my skills and learn what to watch out for to bring my paintings to the next level. Kristy is inspiring, and having the opportunity to speak with her and be guided by her professionalism gave me the confidence to show my work and and take on bigger opportunities. I achieved my goal of applying for Signature Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists, and was honoured be accepted as a Signature Associate Member. I now regularly show in Federation exhibitions, and I’ve even won awards for my work! With Kristy’s encouragement I applied for the chance (and was accepted) to be in a show in my home town. Kristy even suggested I contact the Mayor to request he allow me to paint his portrait as part of the exhibit. He agreed and this lead to the show being covered on a local TV show. The show was a great success as well as a wonderful experience! Kristy has also helped me look for opportunities beyond my local area and I even had a painting in a New York exhibition. The Facebook group for Kristy’s Mentorship program is very valuable, with all the artists sharing resources and calls for exhibitions. It is wonderful to connect with other artists, and I really enjoy the critiques, seeing what everyone is working on and learning so much to improve my work. I would highly recommend Kristy’s Mentorship Program to any artist looking to move forward and take the next steps in their artistic practice. I know for me, the time I have spent with Kristy helped me grow as an artist more than I could have imagined!” -Veronica Davies

“Throughout my mentorship with Kristy, I set career and technical goals and was able to achieved them. Our monthly phone meetings helped keep me accountable for the work that I set out to do. With Kristy’s guidance and support, I created a body of cohesive paintings that I’m proud of; was accepted into a gallery of my choice and into two major shows; my paintings won awards, and some of them even sold! Most recently, my painting Ten was featured on the cover of the 2017 poets and artists book! Above all, I learned to take myself seriously as an artist. Thanks for everything Kristy!” -Karen Bradley

“Kristy has a great eye especially with differentiating warm and cool colors. Her critiques were so helpful.  The art world can be very daunting and she has a way of demystifying it and helping you work on that aspect of your career. She is very positive and encouraging and professional. With her guidance my NYC solo show, “Songs of the Mute Swan,” was written up in the West Side Rag!” -Hilary McCarthy

“Kristy Gordon transformed my passion for art into a career. With her guidance, I learned how to maneuver the NYC art scene so quickly, that in less than eight months I witnessed my dreams come to life. I am now painting with a better approach, being invited to exhibit in more shows than I can say yes to, and curating/organizing art exhibitions in NYC! Thank you Kristy!” -Tessa Kennedy

Before I started Kristy’s mentoring program I was eager to bring my art to the next level but I needed help. I felt I was lacking a sense of direction, self confidence and the technical tools in order to find my style and personal voice. I found in Kristy a caring, competent, patient and respectful mentor, teacher and full fledged artist whose advice and assignments helped me navigate social media, supported me in hard times of self doubt and proved very helpful on a personal and technical level. Her kind support and personal attention to my needs have allowed me to become more daring and  to get closer to my goals.” -Dominique Chauvaux

“Kristy’s Art Mentoring Program , most importantly for me, has helped me to be more introspective about why I am painting. The first assignment of Setting Goals for this year, helped me to take a conscientious deeper look at what I want to get out of doing art and what I want to give with it. Up until this time I painted simply because I loved doing it for myself and yet I felt an inner drive to do more, “raise the bar “ so to speak. The tools such as writing down goals, conference calls to hear others speak about their journey and struggles or triumphs, the mentoring group interactions, have all aided me to take the steps I need to move forward. The comprehensive technical elements of the course have helped me to develop a higher skill level in oil painting , and have helped me to tackle photographing my work and using our modern technology to put my work out there. So far , the mentoring program has been an exciting journey , I know so much more about developing an art career, and I am really happy that I did it.” -Angie Kirschner

“Kristy Gordon’s mentoring program has provided much needed focus and community to my efforts in creating a painting career. Kristy gives solid technical and professional advice on her website, from painting caste shadows to photographing your artwork. I love our monthly conversations and the group calls. Kristy has a positive, yet realistic attitude that helps to propel my goals forward.” -Jenny Graham-Hougah

“I’ve always wanted to become a portrait artist and enter art shows.  I’ve found it difficult to learn to paint in the limited time I have with a family and a full time job.  That was until I started taking Kristy Gordon’s portrait painting class a year ago.  Kristy has a unique way of simplifying the painting process.  What had seemed to me a long difficult process is now clear and manageable. I’ve since been in two art shows.  I didn’t think I’d be ready to enter shows for years and Kristy has helped me make it possible within a year of studying with her. I’ve been in Kristy Gordon’s Art Mentoring Program since early 2017. As part of the program Kristy asked me to write down my goals for the year.  I confided my long term goal is to enter art shows.  Kristy encouraged me to make it a short term goal. I didn’t feel I was ready and couldn’t even bring myself to it down put on paper.  As part of the program Kristy led me through the process and in less than a year I’ve shown my art in 2 shows and am planning on entering a third!  I can’t even believe it’s really happening!  I now finally feel confident to say I’m an artist.  Kristy is the most encouraging and positive thinking instructor I’ve known. She has helped me gain the confidence I need to become an artist.” -Lissette Resnick



The Premium Art Mentoring Program

$199.00 per month